In Touch Entertainment Announces Restructuring and Rebranding: Introducing “Charles Carlini Presents”

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New York, NY – In Touch Entertainment, a leading name in the entertainment industry, is thrilled to announce its recent restructuring and rebranding efforts. The company has taken bold steps to enhance its services and align its divisions with the needs of its valued customers and clients. As part of this strategic move, In Touch Entertainment has spun off its Concert and Event Promotion division, which will now operate under the new name “Charles Carlini Presents” at

This restructuring comes as a result of In Touch Entertainment’s commitment to providing top-tier services and an even better experience to its core customers and clients. By creating “Charles Carlini Presents,” the company aims to focus exclusively on presenting concerts and events worldwide, bringing a fresh perspective and a more specialized approach to these aspects of the entertainment industry.

Charles Carlini PresentsCharles Carlini Presents, the new independent entity, will build upon In Touch Entertainment’s legacy and reputation to further elevate the promotion and management of live events. With a seasoned team of experts at its helm, the division is poised to curate exceptional experiences and deliver unforgettable live entertainment to audiences across the globe.

Furthermore, as part of this transformation, In Touch Entertainment has also undertaken a significant update and refresh of its corporate logo. The new logo embodies the brand’s essence, showcasing a more modern and appealing design that reflects the company’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and delivering the utmost value to its clients.

By dividing its operations into two distinct entities, In Touch Entertainment will be better equipped to focus on its core strengths. The company’s primary attention will now be directed toward booking and managing an impressive roster of talent. This realignment allows In Touch Entertainment to strengthen its position as a premier talent management agency, providing artists with unparalleled support and representation to help them thrive in their careers.

“We are excited to unveil this restructuring and rebranding effort, which marks a significant milestone for In Touch Entertainment,” said Charles Carlini, CEO of In Touch Entertainment. “With the launch of Charles Carlini Presents, we are taking a big step towards further expanding our reach in the concert and event promotion industry, while simultaneously enhancing our talent management services at In Touch Entertainment. Our clients and partners can expect even greater value, dedication, and excellence from both our divisions.”

The changes are effective immediately, and clients and partners can expect a seamless transition during this exciting phase of growth and transformation.

About In Touch Entertainment:
In Touch Entertainment is a prominent and forward-thinking entertainment company specializing in talent management and event promotion. With a track record of success spanning several years, the company has earned a reputation for excellence, innovation, and a commitment to delivering extraordinary experiences to audiences and clients alike.

About Charles Carlini Presents:
Charles Carlini Presents is the newly established division of In Touch Entertainment, focusing on presenting concerts and events worldwide. With a team of experienced professionals and a vast network of industry connections, Charles Carlini Presents is dedicated to curating exceptional live entertainment experiences.

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