Jon Regen Guests on NPR’s ‘Song Travels’ with Michael Feinstein

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Acclaimed pianist, vocalist and composer Jon Regen is featured this week on NPR’s ‘Song Travels’ with Michael Feinstein.

The program explores the writing behind his new album Stop Time out on Motéma Music. Regen performs several tracks in-studio from his 2015 album Stop Time and joins Michael Feinstein for a duet of “Young And Foolish.” Click here to listen to the full episode. 

Set List

Regen (piano, voice), “Stop Time” (Regen)
Regen, Froom (excerpt), “Home Again” (Regen)
Regen (piano, voice), “I Will Wait” (Regen)
Feinstein (voice), Regen (piano), “Young And Foolish” (Hague, Horwitt)
Regen (piano, voice), “Run To Me” (Regen)
Regen (excerpt), “Annie” (Regen)
Regen (piano, voice), “Walk On Water” (Regen)
Regen (piano, voice), “Morning Papers” (Regen)
Regen (piano, voice), “These Are The Days” (Regen)

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