Jon Regen’s London Run Impresses the Times’ Toughest Critic!

Jon Regen
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Jon Regen‘s London solo debut at Crazy Coqs impressed famed reviewer Clive Davis of the Times. His review, out today, says things like:

“Just as George Benson made the transition from improviser to pop star, so Jon Regen has made the leap from jazz pianist to slinky singer-songwriter. In a way, in fact, the transformation of the New Yorker, one of Kenny Barron’s former students, has been even more sweeping than Benson’s. Most of his set was devoted to crisp melodic hooks and domestic vignettes that were more reminiscent of Billy Joel than anyone from the jazzier side of the tracks…” 


“On his new album, Stop Time, he works with two of Elvis Costello’s collaborators, the bassist Davey Faragher and the drummer Pete Thomas. In his Piccadilly residency he keeps himself company, generating a funky but sophisticated backdrop… His musical pedigree came to the fore on the album’s shuffling title song, written, he told us, after he jammed with the actor Jeremy Irons at a party. On a cold, bleak night Regen’s sultry vamps gave us the warmth and vitality of Mardi Gras.”

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