Structures is a relaxed album of jazz standards and original compositions from this formidable trio, all captured with Chesky’s world-renowned minimalist recording techniques. “These world-class improvisers create a vibe of calm thoughtfulness, subtlety and delicate interaction on Structures,” according to the album’s liner notes. Abercrombie’s first Chesky release came in 2003 with Three Guitars, a highly acclaimed CD/SACD that saw him going acoustic with Larry Coryell and Brazilian phenomenon Badi Assad. Jackson, meanwhile, made his Chesky debut backing Valerie Joyce on her New York Blue CD in 2005.

Released August 15, 2006

John Abercrombie – Guitar
Eddie Gomez – Bass
Gene Jackson – Drums

  • Executive Producer: Norman Chesky
  • Producers: David Chesky & Charles Carlini
  • Recording Engineer: Nicholas Prout
  • Editing and mastering engineer: Nicholas Prout

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